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Steele Saunders – The Cat’s Meow 11/04/12 @ Spleen Bar

Steele Saunders is not a dog man, or a manly man (although his beard is coming along nicely) but he is a funny man. In his show “The Cat’s Meow”, Steele shows us why cats are so great compared to humans and why humans are so shit compared to cats. Now, I’m a dog man myself, so I was a little wary going in that it would be 45minutes of anti-dog propaganda and canine hate, which is so common amongst hard-line feline followers (feliners?). Less than minute in and my fears of “I Can Haz Cheezeburger Live” were abated as I was laughing too much to give a shit about my crippling fear of the anti-dog agenda. Steele is an exelent story teller and had the audience hanging on his every word.
The only negative about the show is that old cliché that I wished it had went longer. An appearance by Jerry the Persian would have been nice but public appearances are rare and his volume of work speaks for itself, kind of like Al Pachino. To sum things up purrfectly, as a result of the show, even I softened my position on FUCKING HIPSTERS and cats (so much so I just made a cat pun).
I urge you to go and see this show. If you don’t like it, take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask “What kind of arsehole am I?” – 9/10

Steele can be found on twitter @SteeleSaunders and he also has a podcast all about Green Guide letters called @iLoveGGLetters
Tickets for his shows are available on the door or you can book them online here http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2012/season/shows/the-cat-s-meow-steele-saunders/


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