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Dickflash.com – One of the scariest places on the web

There was a documentary on TV one night about sexual disfunction which featured an Australian man, who was a flasher and called himself “Dick Flash”. His method of flashing was to go jogging in see-through mesh shorts. This guy’s name and M.O stuck in my head over the years and one rainy day, I decided to look him up on google (keep your brain bleach ready if you ever google “dickflash”). What I found was more than I could have ever expected… a lot more. While my original target “Dick Flash” remained elusive, almost like a dick flashing thylacine or big foot, what I did find was a whole online community of flashers speaking freely about their ‘hobby’. Another way to describe this community would be a whole community of sex offenders discussing their past crimes, future crimes and the best ways to get away with being a sex offender.

Here is a great quote which sums up what is wrong with the attitudes of those on this site:
“Sadly, when some magazine or website “discovers” dickflash.com and decides to do an expose (which seems to occur every few months), this is exactly the sort of post they like to highlight… Ones that make it seem as though we’re all budding remorseless sexual predators…” – The7thMaverick from the thread “Ejaculated on a homeless woman”.

Let’s examine this site a little more closely. People may say that they are just fanaticising and there is nothing wrong with that but the posters on this site are real people, with real records of sexual assault and with real victims. It’s pretty hard to pick examples of the kind of horribleness that is dickflash.com because there are so many but for dramatic effect, I’ll show you just one example and list a few other thread titles just to give you an idea of what a wonderful place this is.

In a thread titled “what a stupid woman”, a poster calling himself “david123” posts an article about a guy who got caught masturbating on a train and professes his outrage at the victim: “I mean really, just because the dude was playing with his dick?” I mean really, what kind of woman doesn’t want to see a stranger playing with himself on public transport, I know that one’s been on a few girls buck lists for some time now. Well, dickflash.com fans didn’t need to wait long to find out what kind of woman gets offended by public masturbation because “SeeMeNow” has the answer. “It’s cunts like her who make so many men resent women. Just imagine that some poor pussy-whipped bastard probably goes home to that fucking bitch night after night. And I’ll bet that she has twice as many orgasms per week than he does”. I’ll let you read that again and let that sink in while I prepare my next paragraph…

Now, “david123” and “SeeMeNow” aren’t typical of most Dickflashians, there are some members there with morals… kind of, well at least they know it’s illegal and stupid. Their morality on the topic of dickflashing extends into giving wayward souls like “david123” and “SeeMeNow” advice. User “aktitman” comes to the rescue with this gem of wisdom, “…At least try to have some legit reason why you are exposed. I think some of these guys have low mental function”. This makes perfect sense because you’d have to be pretty low functioning and likely seriously mentally ill to expose yourself on public transport without a pretend legit reason, not like the premeditated sex offences recommended by dickflash.com users. Speaking of premeditated attacks, there are lots of threads which these sad individuals talk about going out with the sole purpose of exposing themselves. Threads like “Ejaculated on homeless woman”, “Step daughter” and “Guidelines for summer flashing …” give a frightening insight into how the minds of these people work.

Users who see nothing wrong with what they do, like The7thMaverick, are pretty common on dickflash.com, and some of the most worrying. Claiming that people are out of line for investigating sites like this and having the irony of a site full of people into exhibitionism being exposed lost on them, the lengths they go to justify their behaviour is very sad. I don’t see how anyone could think exposing yourself to strangers is an OK thing to do and the lack of respect and selfishness is astounding and I’m sure they’d all be OK with people exposing themselves and masturbating in front of all their loved ones.

The site does have some threads that offer help but these are far outweighed by the promotion and advice given on this vile crime. The level of moderation on this site is almost nil and if not, I would hate to see what things don’t make it onto the site. If the site was just for fantasies and storytelling, why is there so much advice on how to flash people and get away with it? Why can’t the advice on how to commit crimes be taken down by the moderators? If what they do is OK, how come so many of them get arrested? There are so many questions about this site that don’t have nice answers.
It’s not just the extreme examples of sexual assault peppered around the site, it’s every flashing story that makes this site so wrong. Maybe, just maybe if there wasn’t people who like to plan sex crimes and justify it by any means possible, people like me wouldn’t make “it seem as though we’re all budding remorseless sexual predators…” but unfortunately, there are and they are.



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