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Cooking For Assholes

As the name of the site clearly states, it’s all about cooking in a way assholes like me can understand it. Apart from being funny, this site actually has some good recipes and is pretty informative.  I’m pretty sure I don’t need to put an NSFW warning on this considering this is whathefuckisthishit? and the […]

Steele Saunders – The Cat’s Meow 11/04/12 @ Spleen Bar

Steele Saunders is not a dog man, or a manly man (although his beard is coming along nicely) but he is a funny man. In his show “The Cat’s Meow”, Steele shows us why cats are so great compared to humans and why humans are so shit compared to cats. Now, I’m a dog man […]

I Love Green Guide Letters (live podcast review)

Seeing a podcast live was a weird experience. I was unsure going in if Mr Steele Saunders could deliver the same amount of awesome live as he does in the podcast and as I was taught never to trust anyone with an alliterated name, there were already previously unsurmountable mountains for the man of Steele […]

The Greatest Auto-fellatio Story Ever Told!

This is an epic tale that you must read!

Seriously, read this.